Hello! natsu here !!
Bringing now a review of products COSCOS !! The COSCOS is a Japanese brand of cosmetics geared to meet cosplayers.

Its differential is to be waterproof, and has a great cover (not need to use a large quantity of the product so that you can cover all the imperfections that have in the skin).

The product line consists of:

★ 6 foundations (named “Perfect HD Foundation”), as follows:

☆ two more ‘pink’ color (they are indicated by the mark for female characters)

☆ two more yellowish (indicated for male characters)

☆ a white foundation (you can mix them to any of the bases for lighter shades)

☆ a darker foundation (suitable for dark-skinned characters, and also for you to mix with any other foundations for the tone of your skin)

I found the colors of firsts 4 are very similar. I recommend buying one of the clearest, one white and one darker base, so you can easily achieve the exact shade of your skin, or the skin of the character, as desired. The coverage of them is excellent, and gets super easy on the skin. The difference is super visible.



★ A powder (“Powder Clear Rank Up”) much like the translucent we have here, but I found that in a single application it already leaves much clearer/pink skin than the powder I used to use.

★ Concealer (“Perfect Lip Concealer”) indicated to “erase” the color of the lips, but it’s also very good to correct dark circles and blemishes or smooth expression lines near the nose too, for example.


★ A “Body Foundation”, which is a cream lighten / match the skin color of the whole body. In me, barely noticed the difference… But for those who want to experience whiten the skin, can be good.


★ And a makeup remover (“Moist Cleansing Water”). For me, the best feature is that it has no smell no!! I tend to be allergic to strong scents, but none of the products COSCOS caused me some irritation.

So for those who have the opportunity to purchase any of the products, follow the links where to find them:

Em HongKong

Em Taiwan

Em outros países

Site oficial

Facebook page

I hope you enjoyed!! And if you bought something, say here also that do you think!!

And for those who have not seen the video, follow the link!! >> Review on Youtube!